Sage Cell Server Example

Sage Cell Server Example

The code for setting up this Sage cell was adapted from William Stein's website.

This page contains interactive Sage widgets that illustrate different mathematical concepts.

3D Graph

This example shows a 3D graph and how it looks when you intersect it with vertical planes. Click "Evaluate" to see the graph. If you want to change the intersecting plane, just type in a different number and hit "Update". You can click on the image and turn it as well as zoom in or out.

3D Graph, customizable

This example is similar to the one above, but you can change the function as well as the viewing box.

Taylor Polynomial Approximation

This example shows how a Taylor polynomial approximates a curve better and better as the order of the Taylor polynomial increases. (Modified from a Sage worksheet by Jason Grout)

See this page for more documentation about embedding Sage Cells in your web pages. The Sage Cell Server is open source, so you can also install your own server.