Contact Information

Adam Graham-Squire
Department of Mathematical Sciences
High Point University
Drawer 31
High Point, NC 27268

Email: agrahams (at)
Office: Couch Hall, Room 106


I grew up in Seattle, WA, and attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA, as an undergraduate. After graduating, I entered the Peace Corps and taught high school math and English in Namibia for a year, then middle school math in Nepal for two years. Upon returning to the states I moved to Los Angeles and taught at Washington Prep High School for two years, and then decided to apply for graduate school. Before starting graduate school, though, I spent a year traveling in Central and South America, learning Spanish and realizing an undying affection for fried platanos. In 2006 I moved to Durham, North Carolina, and started graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill. I finished my PhD in mathematics in May, 2011, and am now an Associate Professor at High Point University. I live in Greensboro with my wife Anne, children Dominic (9 years old), Eva (7), Ronan (2), and dog Saati (means "friend" in Nepali).

Little-known facts about me

If you have made it this far in the website I am impressed, and your reward is to be privy to my greatest athletic acheivements. As ridiculous as these may seem, they are all true. When I was 10, I scored 6 goals in a single soccer game (that's right, a double hat-trick). In middle school, I was the ping-pong champion for the entire school in the seventh grade, and then in the eighth grade I was hacky-sack champion of Seattle. As a high school freshman, I was once caught in a goldfish fight (that is, a bunch of people running around throwing little goldfish crackers at each other). At one point, I managed to catch (in my mouth!) a goldfish thrown at me at point-blank range. Sadly, my athletic abilities have diminished since my youth.